Frequently asked questions

Weight loss medication and side effects

How much weight can I expect to lose with GLP-1s?

Jan 4, 2024

Based on several clinical studies, GLP-1 medications can help you to lose 5–20% of your body weight in a year. 

In clinical trials of Wegovy in non-diabetic people, the average weight loss was 15% over one year. In another Wegovy trial involving people with diabetes, the average weight loss was 9.6%. These findings suggest that people with diabetes may experience slightly less weight loss on these medications compared to those without. Non-diabetic patients who used Saxenda for 56 weeks, on average, lost 9% of their body weight.

The Ozempic trials exclusively included people with diabetes, and they achieved an average weight loss of 7% over one year. 

It's important to remember that the participants in these studies combined medication with diet and exercise.

What medication do you prescribe?

Jan 4, 2024

Our program offers GLP-1 injectable treatments and alternative oral medications, both of which are proven to be effective for weight loss.

GLP-1s are natural gut hormones that signal your brain to reduce appetite, enhance metabolism and improve digestion, which causes prolonged fullness and better nutrient absorption. The GLP-1 medications we offer are: semaglutide (Ozempic®), liraglutide (Wegovy®)  and tirzepatide (Mounjaro™).

We also provide alternative weight loss medications in pill form. Our medication combines two drugs, bupropion and naltrexone, which work together to aid weight loss. 

All our medications are clinically validated and can support your weight loss journey. Your healthcare provider will determine the most suitable option for you.

What if the medication doesn't work?

Jan 4, 2024

If you don’t feel you’re getting the results you want from your weight loss medication, there are steps you can take.

First, it's important to give the medication some time to work. Our experts recommend using your weight loss medication for at least 6 months to judge its effectiveness. Remember that individual responses can vary, and your body may need some time to adapt. We also start your treatment at a low dose and increase it gradually, so it’s normal to not see a lot of weight loss in the first month or two.

We’re here to support you throughout your weight loss journey. If you have concerns about the effectiveness of your medication, or any side effects you’re experiencing, your Levity medical team is ready to support you. They can provide guidance, answer your questions and explore possible adjustments to your treatment plan.

Remember, you also have the flexibility to cancel your treatment at any time. We understand that weight loss is a unique and evolving process, and your health and satisfaction are our top priorities. If, after consultation and a reasonable trial period, you and your medical team decide that the medication is not the right fit for you, you have the freedom to explore alternative options.

What are the side effects?

Jan 4, 2024

Our medications belong to a class of drugs known as GLP-1s, which are clinically tested, stimulant-free, and non-habit forming. Their most common side effects are gastrointestinal discomfort (nausea, vomiting, diarrhea), potential episodes of hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), reactions at the injection site, reduced appetite. These typically resolve over the first few weeks of treatment.

In the most recent clinical trials, less than 5% of people discontinued GLP-1 medications because of side effects. If you do experience any side effects, you can reach out to our clinical team directly for support.

What if I miss a week of treatment?

Jan 4, 2024

If you miss a dose, it should be taken as soon as possible.

If you miss a dose for more than five days, please contact us at for further advice.

Levity service questions

How much does it cost?

Jan 4, 2024

We combine our prescription cost with the medication and service benefits into one total monthly cost. This varies based on the medication you choose from the treatments you’re eligible for. Typically, the total cost ranges from $179–$1,599 a month.

We don't currently accept insurance, but we’re planning to in the future.

What's included and not included?

Jan 4, 2024

The cost of medication, prescription, clinical consultation and shipping are all included in one monthly fee. This cost varies based on the medication you’re prescribed. It also includes follow-up appointments, coaching and any additional medication you may be offered to help reduce side effects.

Which US states do you prescribe to?

Feb 27, 2024

We supply 25 states: Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Iowa, Maine, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New York, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Washington, Wyoming.

We hope to add more locations soon, so if you’re interested in our treatments, please contact us at and we’ll do our best to reach you as soon as possible.

Is blood work required to get started?

Jan 4, 2024

Yes, most of our prescriptions require blood work. We need to see blood test results to complete a full weight loss evaluation, as there could be underlying conditions that affect your weight, or could prevent us from prescribing certain medications. 

Providing blood work results means our team can be well informed when reviewing your treatment, so you can be confident you're receiving the right treatment plan for you.

What kind of blood work do I need to upload and how do I upload it?

Jan 4, 2024

To ensure we can safely prescribe your treatment, our clinicians require a Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP) blood test. Here are ways to get this test:

  • If you’ve had a CMP within the last 6 months:
    You could provide results from a CMP (comprehensive metabolic panel) with TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) and HgA1C (hemoglobin A1c).
  • If you haven’t had a CMP in the last 6 months:
    To order a blood test from our partner lab at a special discounted rate:
  1. Visit our ordering page on Grassroots Labs and proceed to Cart, then Checkout.
  2. After payment, you'll receive your order form download notification. Use this link to locate your nearest testing center. Grassroots Labs will send you directions to the center. For further lab order details, contact
  3. You can also request your Primary Care Provider (PCP) to order your CMP (comprehensive metabolic panel) with TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) and HgA1C (hemoglobin A1c).

After getting your lab results, follow these steps to upload them to your patient portal:

  • Log in at
  • Access the Blood Testing section at the top of the page and upload your labs. Make sure you select the correct file type. 
  • A clinician will contact you after 1–2 days to continue your consultation. 

Please note, lab costs aren’t covered in your membership fee.

If you have any questions, reach out to our support team.

The science of GLP-1 weight loss

How do GLP-1s work?

Jan 4, 2024

GLP-1s (glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor agonists) work by mimicking the action of the naturally occurring hormone GLP-1 in your body. They have several effects on your body, including: 

  • Stimulating insulin release from the pancreas when blood sugar is high, reducing your blood sugar levels. 
  • Slowing down stomach emptying, which helps control your appetite and may lead to weight loss. 
  • Decreasing glucagon secretion, which reduces your liver's glucose production. 

They’re often used as a treatment for type 2 diabetes, but they can also help with weight loss.

What’s the difference between oral and injectable weight loss medication?

Jan 4, 2024

Oral weight loss medications:

  • These medications are taken in pill form.
  • They work in various ways. Some suppress appetite, others inhibit fat absorption, or increase the feeling of fullness.
  • They’re generally easier to take and may have different side effects (e.g. no injection site reactions). 

Injectable GLP-1 medications:

  • These treatments are administered via injection, typically under the skin (subcutaneous).
  • The drugs mimic the action of GLP-1 hormone. They mainly work by stimulating insulin release, reducing blood sugar levels, slowing stomach emptying to control appetite and can help with weight loss.
  • Injectable GLP-1s are more specifically targeted at managing blood sugar levels in people with type 2 diabetes, but they also have significant weight loss benefits.

The choice between oral weight loss medication and injectable GLP-1 medication often depends on individual preferences, medical considerations and your specific needs. Your primary healthcare provider can help you choose the most suitable treatment for you. 

About orders and shipping

How can I contact the support team?

Jan 4, 2024

If you're not a Levity member, you can contact our Support team via email at

If you’re a Levity member, but you’re experiencing login issues, please email us at and include your registered name and email address. If you used a different email in the consultation survey, please include that as well.

About privacy and security

How long after I cancel do you keep my personal information?

Jan 4, 2024

This varies from state to state, as each state law has different requirements. We retain medical records in accordance with these laws.

What is HIPAA

Jan 4, 2024

HIPAA is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. This act is the national standard to protect sensitive patient health information from being disclosed without their consent or knowledge. It also includes the HIPAA Security Rule, which regulates the storage and protection of all Personal Health Information (PHI).

What is PHI?

Jan 4, 2024

PHI stands for Protected Health Information. It’s used in the Federal Health Privacy Rule and includes any and all personal information relating to your health and identity.