Weight loss with Saxenda: Karen's story

We spoke to Karen, who has been taking Saxenda since January 2023. She found it hard to lose weight without support, and it really impacted her confidence. She told us about her experience with treatment, the progress she’s made and how it’s changed how she feels about herself. 

Karen in January 2023

"I started my Saxenda journey in January 2023. Something had to change. I was frustrated at being unable to lose weight, going through cycles of dieting, and not fitting into some of my lovely clothes. When I looked in the mirror, I saw someone who was stressed, tired and unhappy. Around this time, I started experiencing menopause symptoms like joint pain, difficulty sleeping and irritability, and these were made worse by my weight.

"Knowing I needed help, I took the plunge. I’ve never looked back. It was a financial investment, but I knew I was investing in myself, for myself, so it felt no different than pursuing personal training. 

Karen 5 months later, having lost 42 lbs

"Overall, I’ve lost 42 lbs. I never would’ve been able to do that on my own, especially in five months. When I first started Saxenda, I experienced a little nausea and some constipation, but this went away. The medication allowed me to plan my meals without thinking about always being hungry. It’s a big statement, but that aspect of treatment was life-changing, as I seemed to have an endless hunger before. I always knew that Saxenda was a temporary solution to help me take back control, which helped when I haven’t been able to get treatment because it’s so popular. I’m now taking Wegovy as I still have some weight I’d like to lose. It was hard to manage without medication for a while, but I got a lot of motivation from my progress so far. 

"I was so unhappy before, but there were a lot of reasons for my weight gain, including stress and loss. This has been such a journey for me, and it’s one I’m still on. I’m so glad I made the decision to invest in myself. I feel like my confidence has come back and I’ve started to rediscover myself."

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